Link: Issue 10: Links Worth Sharing | Own Your Web

… the social aspect of bookmarking, also known as sharing links with others. Once upon a system time, sites like Zootool, StumbleUpon, or Delicious not only let us save bookmarks, but also made it possible to discover new, interesting links that others had saved. This social aspect, this way of curating and sharing a collection of links that others can follow, has become a lost art.

Sharing links are part of being social.

Link: China Builds World’s First Dedicated Drone Carrier | Naval News

The design is smaller than the regular aircraft carriers, with a flight deck approximately one third the length and half the width of a U.S. Navy or Chinese Navy (PLAN) super carrier. For comparison, it is slightly shorter but wider than a World War Two escort carriers.

Link: Google’s broken link to the web | Platformer

With AI search results coming to the masses, the human-powered web recedes further into the background

Link: Are we creating great things? | Andy Sylvester

The tools available for blogging are always increasing, as is the same for video production. So, since we have the tools part covered, are there some great things out there? Are there more great things that need to be created?

Link: The evolution of linkblogging | Manton Reece

No commentary at Link Punk. The value is in the link.

Link: Shotguns Are Russia’s Last Line Of Defense Against Drones | Forbes

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time. Ukraine has been using them for awhile.